CCPA was founded in 1982 for the purpose of promoting and advancing the paralegal profession on the Central Coast. Our organization provides a forum and meeting place for colleagues to share expertise, exchange ideas, and provide personal support for the benefit of the paralegal profession.

CCPA is a member of the California Alliance of Paralegal Associations (CAPA).  CAPA hosts an Annual  Educational Conference in June each year in different regions around the state. For more information on registration please visit www.caparalegal.org. You can support CAPA every time you shop on Amazon! 


Not a Member? 

If you are not a member of the Central Coast Paralegal Association but would like to get on a mailing list to receive information regarding upcoming CCPA events, please send us your contact information using the quick contact form. Please use the subject line: non-member mailing list.

If you are interested in becoming a member please download an application and visit the CCPA Membership page for information regarding benefits and types of membership.


Please do not contact CCPA to request our assistance in the preparation of legal documents unless you are an attorney.  Pursuant to California Business and Professions Code §6451, it is unlawful for a paralegal to perform any services for a consumer except as performed under the direction and supervision of the attorney, law firm, corporation, government agency, or other entity that employs or contracts with the paralegal. 

For information on the California Courts Online Self-Help Center, please follow this link: www.courtinfo.ca.gov/selfhelp/ 

You may also contact the California Rural Legal Assistance which is a non-profit law firm providing legal assistance throughout California for specific matters including Labor and Employment, Benefits, Education and Housing.  Please call (805) 544-7997 for more information.

The California State Bar also provides a Lawyer Referral Service if you are a potential client looking for representation by an Attorney certified by the California State Bar who also meets specific standards of the California Supreme Court. The phone number for the local San Luis Obispo office is: (805) 541-5502.

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